Candles create a romantic atmosphere, great ambiance, relaxing mood and adds a warmth decor to your home. Scented candles fill the air with freshness and fragrance of love. Add a merry note by placing candles at every corner of your room, kitchen, bathroom and staircase.

Table Decor: Pillar candles, Bowl candles, Tea lights with tea light holders are perfect for your dinner table. Pillar candles are particularly good for coffee table and this will create a romantic evening with your partner. Arrange the gel candles or pillar candles on dinner table in an array to create a centerpiece.

Candles for Romantic Mood: Place scented and decorative candles such as pillar candles, square candles all around the bedroom to create the romantic ambience for a night of love and passion.

Luxurious Spa: Place pillar candles, votive candles, bowl candles at each and every corner of spa room to create and calm and relaxing atmosphere. Designer fragrance candles create a relaxing and soothing mood for luxurious spa.

Christmas Candles: Gel candles like beer mug candles, wineglass candles give the perfect feel of Christmas Eve that blend in with your overall home décor.

Parties and Special Events: For a festive flair, surround blue ocean gel candles by colorful lights to add a perfect decor and festive theme. Eco-friendly flower candles, fancy candles and best wishes candles create and brighten up your home decor.

Traditional elegance: For a soft glow, hang lantern candles at the entrance of your home to give a traditional look, unique style and a warm welcome.

Wedding Candles: Pillar candles, votive candles, bowl candles lined up on vintage glass cake stand combined with beer and wine glass creates a centerpiece for your wedding affairs.

Candle-light Dinner: Pillar candles, fragrance candles, flower candles and gel candles give a romantic and soothing feel for your romantic dinner., an online store has come up with exclusive stock of beautiful candles, designer candles, eco-friendly candles, scented candles, gel candles, and handmade candles to illuminate your each and every moment with fragrance and a message of love. Each candle is uniquely handcrafted which can attract you in a very special way. Use candles effectively to get a unique style of decoration. The color schemes and patterns of candles can flaunt your life and add essence on any occasion like Christmas, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Valentines’ Day, New Year, Anniversaries, Diwali etc.