Indian Handicrafts – From Hands to Heart

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Handicraft the name implies itself as “handmade”. Handicrafts are simply the decorative or useful objects (yet not simple in looks) made completely by hands without the use of machines or by using simple tools only.  Handicrafts is basically the activities with enormous range of creativity and designing while making things with one`s hand and skills. Some common handicrafts are made by using textile or leather like Banner making, calligraphy, canvas work or weaving. It is also done using woods, metals, clay, stone and glass etc like bead work, stone carving or carpentry. Papers are also used for handicrafts like card making, collage or paper modeling.

In our country, the indigenous handicraft represents the cherished aspect of the Indian way of living. The diversity of our nation and the infinite creativity residing in our country is very well reflected by the extensive range of handicrafts in India. There are around more than 6 millions artisans in India. Handicrafts can be the second largest source of employment in India after agriculture. The Shilp Guru Awards, National Awards and National Merit Certificate are awarded to the craftsperson once in  a lifetime to encourage them to maintain excellence and to keep alive the old tradition. Still the share in global market for Indian crafts is less than 2 %. The artisans and weavers who work hard to uphold the beautiful handicrafts enriched with tremendous diversity and rich tradition only gets brunt and do not get life of dignity and comfort. The country is running after urbanization and creating more and more jobs, but this rich craft tradition has been less sensitized.

 To maintain the economies of scale leading to lower prices, the goods are produced industrially in mass. They are developed keeping in mind about its durability and easier to manage. On the other hand, handicrafts are not cheap anymore. Obviously when they are made exclusively then why should we expect cheaper rates? When it is hand-made so the exact replicas are also hard to find and we get the limited edition products. The sheer diversity and styles of the Indian Handicrafts have been witnessed all across the globe; still we have lagged far behind to create a powerful platform for the showcase of Indian handicrafts. The need of the hour is to use the power of internet for exposing this beautiful and diversify culture of India. For reviving the village handicrafts, scholastic training may be imparted and a great revolution can be brought in the field of handicrafts. E-commerce has already taken its leap in this segment. Various websites like are now dealing in handicraft products. It has encouraged the artisans and craftsperson. The entry of e-commerce in the section of handicrafts has raised the hopes of so many skilled and talented craftsperson of India and has empowered them with the freedom to choose buyers as well as sellers who can offer them lucrative prices for their beautiful creations. The demand of Indian handicrafts is not limited to the boundaries of our country; it is also in great demand among the NRIs and foreign markets. It is often noticed that the handicrafts increases the beauty of high-end luxury stores; although it is so easily available. The online website is working on to bridge the gap effectively and provide the platform to sell and buy the handicrafts at a reasonable cost.

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